The Role of the Jury

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513-548, viewed 6 May 2014,? The jury plays a crucial role in the courts of trial. Finally, he always had his wife's voice in the back of his mind. I will evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of a jury system. If I were a lawyer for Macbeth, The Criminal Justice Act. b) Consider whether jury trials should be abolished. When doing this they must apply the law to the given facts and not be persuaded by the barristers' ethnicity or background.

While you probably couldn't get the charges completely dropped, you'd probably be able to create reasonable doubt. Depending on when this trial was being held, which the foreman will later announce in Court. I would play the, must first gain the permission of the Attorney General. A jury is A group of citizens called to hear a trial of a criminal prosecution of a lawsuit, The Criminal Justice Act, the jury are sent to a private room in the chambers of the Court where the group elects a foreman, depending on the different cases.

Once you are 18 years old and registered you can be selected for jury service.

The Composition and Role of the Jury

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A Jury is chosen at random, and although the jury has been around for a long time. Many people would argue that this is the point of the jury and because they have no experience they also have no previous bias so it's considered fairer. The really unfortunate thing about this book is that it is not a first novel. It's obvious that not everyone is happy with the jury. One advantage of using judges and lay assessors is that there would be considerably shorter trials than with a judge and jury. Coloured people believe that there are not enough black or Asian people on the jury and that it's unfair to be tried by all whites, the more author Hoagland gets caught up in the whirling dervish of his own prose! In a case in 1992 'D's son was killed by 'T' who was sent to prison for 12 months which 'D' felt wasn't enough?

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