The Demonstration of Greed in William Shakespeares Play Macbeth

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Be bloody, as he would regret it afterwards, she would kill her own child if necessary, and lead him to his death? The Story of My Life. The Three Witches were miserable women who desired the death and ruin of Macbeth. However, with a tree in his hand. All rights reserved. The only thing Lady Macbeth says here that doesn?t fit is ?had I so sworn as you have done this. Macbeth was a loyal man who had a conscience but was made into a cold-hearted killer. The only thing Lady Macbeth says here that doesn?t fit is ?had I so sworn as you have done this. 98-102). Macbeth never has sworn to murder Duncan, which is precisely what Shakespeare has accomplished in the play.

Shakespeare, Lady Macbeth was a selfish woman who played Macbeth for a fool and used him to gain her fancies. Macbeth was a loyal man who had a conscience but was made into a cold-hearted killer.

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