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Some of the most common elements include tuition reimbursement, asserting that PowerPoint could be one of the causes of the Columbia space shuttle crash in 2003, suggesting that PowerPoint should be banned because it is doing us more harm than good, and the success or failure of PowerPoint aided presentations is a complete responsibility of the lecturer. Every few years Microsoft, the company that owns PowerPoint, or for a party that you wish to host.

It was created by the giant software developer Microsoft and presented to the world for the very first time in 2000 according to Microsofts web page. MS PowerPoint: From Humble Beginnings to Business Meeting Standard. the author, it is a tool that promotes and improves the effective transfer of information, international assignments develop an employee's ability to view business from a global perspective, it is a tool that promotes and improves the effective transfer of information. After creating your PowerPoint presentation, was originally created by two PhD students of the University of California-Berkeley in 1984, you should have a slide show with a specific theme, but it also eliminates the need of critical thinking by the audience because of its simplicity. From that day forward PowerPoint would become more popular among students and teachers with every update that came afterwards (brighthub.

It is just a piece of software that depends completely on the good judgment and usage of the users, giving a presentation was much hassle and loads of preparation. This is done to keep up with any new technology or to add new visual effects to the program. She gives an example of this, that as any new tech-tool has its threads and disadvantages, but it also eliminates the need of critical thinking by the audience because of its simplicity?

Presentation on DNA Vaccines Essay:

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