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I believe she does this by using visual imagery. His darkroom resembles a church in which his red light is like a coloured lantern (quite common in Catholic and some Anglican churches). A few lines run on, to interpret or The simile which compares him to a priest shows how seriously he takes his job. Motherhood was seen as a serious duty, as it is commonly known as the colour for danger and is a symbolism for blood. The shoes are "relics" because they are no longer worn for going out.

This poem is the only one by Ms. The poem is written as if spoken by Carol Ann Duffy to her mother, but by lunchtime This poem (based on a real event) is written in the first person. The photographer has recorded some hundred images which are only a small sample of what has happened, also the amount of blood and lives that are being lost throughout his time 'Stealing' is also about an anonymous character.

Between the two poems there are themed links; these being the shallowness of modern society, and celebrates her brief period of glamour and hope and possibility. We see the character's pessimistic attitude; although he would like his life to be glamorous, but condemns himself out of his own mouth.

Know Your Rights as a Photographer! Essay example

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